I’m Chris. For 22 years, I was a junk food vegetarian. Like most people, I drank alcohol too often, over ate and relied on pharmacies and doctors to “cure” my ailments. By 38 years old, I was over-weight, constantly sore and suffering from fatigue. I woke up one day and decided to change my life. I remembered watching a documentary called “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” which highlighted a man who pledged to only drink juice for 60 days in order to lose weight and heal his body from obesity and other illness (which he did). This inspired me to research body detoxing and juicing further. So, I set out to try a short juice fast but I felt so good after 4 days, I kept going for 20 full days. During the fast, I continued learning more about food, digestion and many other health related issues; so much that my life was completely transforming around me (for the better).

After the 20 days of juicing, I became completely vegan, curbed my alcohol, food and caffeine addictions, adopted juicing and smoothies to my daily eating, stopped relying on pharmaceuticals, learned how to eat cleanly, control portions and have lost 60+ pounds in the process. Through it all, I realized that my previous issues were merely a product of my own mind. Having the knowledge is one thing…changing yourself based upon it is another. But if you can overcome the obstacle of your mind, anything is possible.

This page is about continuing to share what I have learned (and still learning) with other individuals who are tired of their own excuses and want to break free from the slavery of their mind and make a permanent change for the better.

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4 thoughts on “Hello!

  1. Amen Chris!! I love your story…you will inspire many good people to make the changes they’re “dying” to make. Food education is imperative!!! thanks for shining your light xo Colleen


  2. Well done, sir. Looking forward to continue reading about your successes!


  3. What and inspiration!


    1. *an


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