Recondition Yourself – The Lonely Path

So, I now have this blog to share my experience with everyone and have been pondering this next post for a few days. Where do I start?! The biggest questions I get from people who are interested in making a change are…”Do you have some recipes”?…”What steps do I follow”?…”What kind of Juicer”?…etc. Well, yes, I do have answers to all of those questions and I will start diving into those as well (I’m currently planning some video demos too!). But first and foremost, I’d like to point out that it is not juicing alone that got me here. If I just blindly went into juicing, I assure you that I probably would have failed shortly after feeling the cruddy detox affects after the first 3 days. This is NOT a diet…it is NOT a quick fix. If that is what you’re looking for, you may as well stop reading this now and go jump into some fad bullshit that will never last. This is a LIFE STYLE CHANGE. Only your relearning, tenacity and determination will keep you on the new path.

Since childhood, we have all been conditioned by our parents, schools, families and friends. We surround ourselves with other people because it helps us to not feel alone. We don’t realize how much these people rub off on us (and us on them). We dress similar…we do the same things for fun…we like the same teams/sports and we even eat the same. “I grew up eating Fruity Pebbles because thats the cereal my family bought”. “We shop here and buy these foods because that is what our family has done for generations”. “Dude, that ain’t cool…thats gay”. “You won’t get enough protein!!”. Blah, blah, blah…the list goes on forever. These things are all still in your mind constantly. They are sitting on the shelf in the back of your brain just waiting for the right moment to make judgements and keep you EXACTLY where you are. The very second you think about anything “alternative” to your ingrained belief system, that voice will attack. So, thinking about doing a juice fast, becoming vegan and working on your digestive system…that voice will come up from behind you and smack you…”ewww…JUICE?!?! Thats gross!!!”….”ewww…VEGANS?!?!…what do they eat, I COULD NEVER DO THAT”…”ewww…COLONICS, I would NEVER do that”. The defeating occurs almost instantly before you’ve even tried any of it. Start to shut off these voices. The brain is powerful, yes, but in so many bad ways if you allow it to be.

You may continually hear me say things like “block your mind”, “ignore your brain” or “do the opposite of what your brain is telling you”. I say these things because in order to get on this path, you need to recondition your mind…completely on your own. I cannot stress enough how having a “diet buddy” for support is the dumbest thing to do. Don’t seek support groups or have a friend or spouse try it with you; this is YOUR change. They will not have the same ideas, beliefs or drive that you have right now to want to do this. Don’t wait for them…don’t wait for excuses. You NEED to do this on your own or else you WILL FAIL. By relying on someone else for your success, you will not succeed. Just as in relationships, you need to first be completely happy on your own before you can be happy with someone else. There is no such thing as “this other person MAKES me happy”…it’s not only false but it’s just not healthy to have that mindset. That person can change their mind, change who they are, leave, die…and where does that leave you? That all said, I will leave you with this.

The first step in reconditioning yourself is to wake up in the morning and NOT drink your morning coffee. Grab your mug, slice off a wedge of lemon and squeeze it in there and add hot water. Need I tell you the benefits of lemons? (flushes out toxins, balancing ph levels, metabolism booster, vitamin c, citric acid, potassium, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium). Bring a little lunch cooler with you to work with some lemon wedges in it…and every time you want that cup of coffee, just replace it with lemon water. Ignore that bullshit part of your brain saying “But I NEEEEED that Coffee!!!”. No….you fucking don’t. If you can replace just one bad habit with one good one, you are already on the path.

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3 thoughts on “Recondition Yourself – The Lonely Path

  1. What a brilliant read… I’ve just completed a 35 day juice fast and have been juicing and eating for the past two weeks. I have lost 12 kilo’s and feel great. I need to now find a more planned way to eat and don’t quite know how to until I read all your brilliant comments.
    I see it how you do, a private and brilliant change that I am determined to work on and just get better at it every day.
    I am going to follow you and enjoy every word..
    You rock!


    1. awesome!!! Thanks for the words, glad I can help. Keep it up!


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