The Tools of a Juice Detox

Today starts my 4th Juice cleanse since March of this year. I have completed a 20 day, a 10 day and another 10 day. Over the past 5 months I have exclusively juiced for over one month cumulatively! So much juice! By my calculations…hmmm…40 days…5 juices per day…12oz per juice. That is 200 juices…or 2400 oz of juice! And that isn’t even counting all of the juices I drink during the times I am eating. That all said, a common misconception of juice fasting is that “juice is the ONLY thing you consume” while fasting…not true. This myth could be the main the reason why most people fail at it within the first couple days and give up; usually worse off when they started. These folks “go out with a bang”, so to speak…gorging on everything they see in order to fill the void of drinking whatever disgusting concoction they had “thrown” together during their failed attempt at juicing.

There is a “system” to juice fasting and most people are not willing to do the homework or proper research beforehand. To begin with, they defeat themselves by convincing themselves that it’s too expensive, too much work, too much cleanup, etc. All just a bunch of over reactive whining. But that’s NOT YOU, right? You have pushed past that nonsense and are ready to start on your path of transformation. So, now that you’ve armed yourself with research, confidence and a tenacious attitude, you are ready to try a juice detox and rid your body of all the shit you’ve been stuffing into it over the years. It’s gonna be the toughest clean up job you’ve ever embarked on but you know what you need to do. You’re going to buy organic fresh fruits and vegetables and you are going to extract the liquid from them and drink 12 oz of it, 5 times a day until you are ready to stop. But the other thing you are going to do is all the important stuff which I have listed below as it is crucial in you feeling good during your juice fast.


If you want to change your life and break your bad habits, you need to first tell your “old brain” to shut the hell up and focus on un-brainwashing yourself. You need to realize we have all been sick with a mental disease from birth called “domestication” and that if we do not unlearn these terrible ideas we have about food, wealth, happiness, politics, comforts, etc…we will keep repeating the same bad choices over and over again. Our government is run by corporations whose sole means of survival depend on us buying their products. It’s why lobbyists exist. It’s why the majority of the presidential cabinet is made up of board members from corporations (Monsanto, Exxon, etc). They are affecting policy on everything we do from within…it’s an inside job. Cloaking all of us from what they are really doing; they show us false bi-partisanship and keep us dumb and arguing with each other on right and wrong while they keep the money machine running. Behind closed doors they are creating policies that allow them to continue to rape and destroy the earth, feed us chemical garbage that makes us sick and then fool us into believing they can cure us with more chemicals. There is NO higher group watching over our well-being…not even doctors; they are owned by the pharmaceutical companies. And the media just spits it out at us daily with their ads for “healthy” drugs, foods, etc. All of them full of shit…all of them telling you what you want to hear and then you agree with it subconsciously. “THEY said it’s good for me and my family so it MUST be”. Shut it all off. Be the weird person that doesn’t fit in…be the person in the grocery store who refuses to buy the chemicals and bullshit they try to force down your throat. Read labels. Buy Organic. Buy Non-GMO, spend your grocery money in the Produce and Health section. FInd a mom and pop health food market. Find organic farm markets. See through the false advertising of disguised “health” products. Stop being a lab rat. Get pissed for ever being fooled into being a cog in their machine. Reverse all of it…you have that power. Begin to trust that eating simpler will transform you mind, body and spirit.


As soon as you wake up, heat up 8oz of filtered water in a mug. Cut a small wedge off a lemon and squeeze it into the water. Toss the lemon into your mug and drink! The benefits of lemon water are amazing…it aids in digestion, helps flush out toxins and so much more. For me, lemon water first thing in the morning has been crucial to kicking my caffeine habit. By doing this so much during fasting, it became my new habit even when I’m eating. Coffee has since become a rare treat as opposed to a daily “need”. Drink your lemon water while you’re prepping your first juice of the day.


As stated previously, when detoxing you generally want to consume 60-72 oz of juice per day. I go with 5 juices throughout the day (2 – 2.5 hours in between each), usually 12 oz or more per juice. Don’t worry about calories…you can drink more juice if want to; believe me, I have…and interestingly enough, the more weight I’d lose. While on detox/cleanse/fast you CANNOT eat any solid food, “blend” fruits and veggies into smoothies, drink alcohol or caffeine, take any supplements, sweeten anything with sugars, etc; so really….enjoy your juice to your heart’s content. Just make sure you are drinking a minimum of 60oz a day. Drink each juice slowly and enjoy it! If you are missing food really bad, try “chewing your juice”, sometimes that helps. And don’t over-sweeten your juices with too much fruit (apples, berries, oranges, etc). Generally, I have a rule that I don’t put more than 1 apple OR 1orange OR 1 handful of berries per juice (pick one fruit type and only use 1 of it). You will be tempted to make your juices really sweet because you’re used to drinking fake, sweetened bottled juice; shit…people even drink flavored/sweetened water!!!! It’s terrifying that we need everything flavored or sweetened. You will get mild sweetness from Carrots and Beets, so use those to your advantage. You can also offset your sugar craving by adding lemon and ginger to your juices. Personally, I LOVE ginger and lemon together…the tangy and spicy help keep my mind off of the overly sweet. Too much sugar (even the good kind) can spike your glucose levels and slow down your metabolism, which in the case of a juice fast, is counter-productive. Of course, we want all of the good stuff that’s in these sweet fruits as well…we just don’t want to overdo them. Also, if you work away from home every day and can’t be in front of your juicer or any of the other items suggested here, get up earlier in the morning and make all of your juices for the day ahead of time. Get yourself a small cooler and pack it all in there with ice packs. Don’t let convenience keep you where you are. These steps are not only there to keep your body hydrated and such, they are there to become a “regimen”. The more you exercise doing these things…the less you will feel the “want/need” to do your old habits. This is not a temporary “diet” fad…I’m trying to help you change you’re entire perspective on how/why you eat the way you currently do.


One of the more not-so-obvious things about juice fasting is that you NEED to drink water…lots of it. The juice will not solely hydrate you; we are treating the juice as your food and main source of nutrition. So, pretend your juice isn’t even a liquid and realize you still need your daily water requirements. They say “drink half of what you weigh (in ounces)”. Since I was in the 200 pound neighborhood at the beginning of the year, I drank (and still do) about 100 oz of water each day. Water, when consumed in the appropriate quantity, will help flush out toxins in your system in addition to all the other good stuff your absorbing from the juice. You will be feeling a bit crappy during your first few days…headaches, possibly nausea, chills etc…don’t worry, that is the “detoxing” taking affect. Water is a natural cure-all and will help get you over that slump. You may be tired of drinking so much liquid but it is so important that you will just have to get over it and force yourself to drink it. Get yourself a BPA free 20 oz bottle with a filter in it. Drink a full bottle after each of your 5 juices (about 100 oz per day). Make sure you get into that habit or else you will forget to drink your water. Don’t drink store bought water from BPA plastic bottles…that kind of kills the idea of a detox. Get it in a glass bottle or non BPA bottle. I go right from my tap into a filtered pitcher and then into my BPA free filtered bottle (double filtered). And no Vitamin Water, Smart Water or any of that other bullshit. That stuff is a soft drink hoax pulling the wool right over your eyes. Drink real water. You don’t have to chug it…take your time, drink slowly and find a way to enjoy it. It’s key. We never think about breathing air…but when you sit and breath air without thinking about it, it fills you with peace. Drinking water, juice, lemon water, coconut water can all have that same affect if you allow it to. Nourishing your body is also nourishing your heart.


During a juice detox, your body will go through stages of sluggishness and energy loss for the first few days. This is completely normal. Yes, you’re drinking enough juice…yes, you’re drinking enough water but you also want to replenish your electrolytes too. Since Gatorade, Powerade, etc are off the menu while you’re fasting (and should be off it for good cuz fuck that garbage), drink Coconut Water. Coconut water is the naturally sweet water straight from a Coconut. It provides natural electrolytes and hydration, aids in digestion, helps promote weight loss and also has a slew of nutrients. I normally drink about 16oz at around noon each day (fasting or not). I prefer the taste when it’s chilled. Super cold with a couple ice cubes. At first, I was not a fan of the taste but after I realized the benefits and need for it while juicing, it became another good habit. I now look forward to drinking Coconut water every single day. Make sure you buy the kind that is Non GMO and has nothing added to it; you want the real deal.


Psyllium husks come from the seeds of the Plantago plant. They are ground into a powder and sold in most health food and vitamin stores. Psyllium husks are indigestible and when mixed with water and swallowed, the mixture thickens and slowly goes through your G.I. tract, collecting waste as it goes. Basically, this will be your main source of dietary fiber while on your detox. Just after my first morning juice, I measure one rounded tsp of Psyllium Husks Powder and put it in a mason jar with 8oz of filtered water. I screw the cap on and shake it really well. Then I take the cap off and chug it down. This is NOT one of the drinks that you want to relax with and drink slowly. It’s practically tasteless but that isn’t the issue here. The problem is that if you let the powder sit too long in the water, the mixture will begin to become more jelly-like in consistency and could actually become a choking hazard if try and drink it in this state. The idea is to drink it down and let it get thicker inside your body and then drink more regular water after. Do not shrug off Psyllium Husks! The entire reason you’re doing this fast is to lost weight and detoxify your body. So, getting this needed fiber and encouraging frequent bowel movements is absolutely key in a successful detox. Honestly, you won’t believe how much “stuff” is in there, especially if you’ve never done a cleanse before. And once it all starts coming out of you…you will start feeling great. And never want to put that garbage back in you again. I’ve learned a great deal about the digestive aspects of detoxing from my Colonic Therapist. She taught me about the Psyllium husks, probiotic supplements (which I take when I’m eating), the importance of fermented foods such as Miso, Tempeh, Sauerkraut, etc and most importantly Colonics. It’s understood that most people squirm at the thought of getting a colonic. As I’ve said before, we’ve all been brainwashed to think it’s a very taboo thing, not helpful and something only “weird hippies” do. Well, fuck all of that jive…I had 2 colonics during my 20 day juice fast and it was amazing how great I felt afterward. Who cares…its just poop, right? We’re all mature enough to realize that everyone expels waste from their body on a daily basis. Just take care of it. There is nothing embarrassing about it. All that grossness…was just living inside of me for 38 years. I couldn’t believe that I actually waited that long to get it all out of me. If you’re often getting sick, feeling sluggish, etc…I’ll put my money on that it’s all the stuff that’s stuck inside of you. Wouldn’t it make sense to remove it? In any case, whether you decide on a colonic or not, Psyllium husks will definitely help get things moving in the right direction.


There are many great herbal teas out there. It all depends on your personal flavor profile preferences. Myself, I usually seek out the ones that have detoxifying properties (makes sense given what we are doing here). I like lemon detox tea a lot. In any case, drinking herbal teas will provide that relaxing “aaah” feeling which will be a good replacement to your Coffee or caffeinated Tea fixations. Again, this along with the Lemon Water and Coconut Water, have their beneficial nutritional and detoxifying attributes but they also help provide you with the sensation of consuming something other than juice. This will do a great deal for your mental state and help calm you. These are the little things that will stick with you even when you are not on a juice fast and hopefully out weigh (or completely diminish) your old habits. My preference is usually a Berry or Lemon Detox herbal tea in the late afternoon and then a “Nighty Night” herbal tea just before bed.

Cheers! Happy Detoxing.

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