My Vote’s for Oats!

Rolled Oats w/ Fresh Peaches, Goji Berries, Granola, Chia Seed and Pure Maple Syrup

Start off your day with a bang. Not by opening a box with an instant packet of chemical oatmeal made in a lab. Instead, buy yourself a bag of Non-Gmo or Organic Rolled Oats (I use Bob’s Red Mill “Quick Oats”). Whole oats are an excellent source of thiamine, iron, dietary fiber and are the only food which contain specific antioxidant compounds which help to protect the circulatory system. Whole oats can also help people with Type 2 diabetes control their blood glucose level and help stimulate the immune system as well. So, cook up your oats and then add some crunchy Granola on top to really drive the oat wagon home. Mix in some great fresh fruit choices, some Chia Seed and sweeten with a splash of Pure Maple Syrup or Agave Nectar and I’d say you have yourself a REAL breakfast cereal with no “empty” calories.

1 Cup of Water (boiled)
1/2 Cup of “Quick” Rolled Oats
Pinch of Himalayan Pink Salt
1 Fresh Peach (sliced)
1 handful of dried Goji Berries
1 handful of Granola
1 Tbsp of Chia Seed
1 Tbsp of Pure Maple Syrup or Agave Nectar

In a small pot, heat the water on High until boiling. Add in the oats and reduce the heat to a simmer. Add a pinch of Himalayan Salt (if desired). Stir the oats frequently for about 4 minutes or so (or until desired consistency). Remove from heat and pour into a bowl. Stir in your sweetener. Top with Peaches, Goji Berries, Granola and Chia Seed. Enjoy!

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