The never ending question I get from friends, family, co-workers and other people who are just curious, trying to lose weight and break their addictions…”What do you eat”? Based on a number of factors, the answer to that question has changed considerably since the beginning of this year. For one, I have done 4 juice fasts this year, totaling almost 2 full months of just drinking fresh pressed juices. Secondly, I went completely vegan back in March and have also sworn off most non-organic and/or GMO foods, refined sugars, white flour, non beneficial oils, junk food snacks and highly processed packaged foods containing lab chemicals. Thirdly, I have adjusted my portion sizes, overhauled my eating schedule and completely replaced some meals and/or snacks with fresh pressed juice and smoothies. In addition, I have also reduced my intake of both alcohol and caffeine to a negligible amount. All that said, one can probably paint an image in their mind of me running through the forest eating sticks, leaves and random vegetation as I go. This could not be further from the truth. I eat a lot of food actually; especially since new body needs at least 1700 calories per day to maintain my current weight. It definitely would be difficult to do that daily on juice alone. Although juicing and smoothies are a major part of my everyday eating, I also love cooking and coming up with fun dishes as well. Some people have the idea that just because I’m a vegan, there is not much I could possibly be eating; which is usually just an ignorant question to begin with (if you ponder it for just a little longer than 10 seconds or so, I’m sure you can come up with quite a list of things on your own). If you’re too lazy to do the work yourself, continue reading but check out this video first, as it will answers a lot of your questions…

Now that we’ve established that, below I have showcased a typical day of eating for me. I journaled this about a week ago. Hopefully this will answer your questions.

9:30am: 8oz of warm lemon water, 5 Raw Wheatgrass tablets and 2 vegan Probiotic capsules, washed down with 4oz of Organic “Antioxidant Force” Juice (bottled SmartJuice).

10:30am: 16oz Green Smoothie (Baby Kale, Banana, Strawberry, Raspberry, Pineapple, Vega Protein, Spirulina, Hemp Oil, Hemp Powder, Maca Powder, Chia and Flax Seeds).

12:30pm: 12oz glass of Coconut Water, followed by a Spring Mix Salad w/ greens, cucumber, goji berries, organic mixed nuts, pumpkin seeds, cherry tomatoes and topped with Crushed Kale Chips.

2:30pm: 8oz filtered water w/ 1tsp of Psyllium Husk Powder followed by a 16oz glass of filtered water.

3:30pm: 16oz Red Juice (Beets, Kale, Swiss Chard, Orange, Celery, Purple Carrot and Ginger) followed by 16oz filtered water.

5:30pm: 1/2 Tofu Salad sandwich w/ homemade Cashew Cheese on Sprouted Whole Grain Bread, followed by 16oz filtered water.

7:30pm: Grilled Marinated Skewers of Tofu, Mushroom, Eggplant & Yellow Squash, 1/2 of grilled organic Corn on the cob and 1/2 cup of Brown Basmati Rice. Then another 16oz glass of filtered water.

8:30pm: 8oz of hot Golden Milk (Almond Milk, Turmeric paste & Agave Nectar) followed by a snack of Chia Chips w/ Hummus.

10:30pm: 8oz “Nighty Night” herbal tea.


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