Pre/Post Workout Juice


After dragging my daughter out of her dark cave and going for a nice, long walk recently, I whipped up some tasty “post workout” juice for us both. And boy, was it good! Although most folks would usually hit up some beet juice before their workout, as it has been known to boost performance, I also like it “post” workout for replenishing lost energy and helping the body recover.

The Beets, along with the Carrots, Apple and Mango help provide a powerhouse of re-energizing nutrients with their natural sugars. While the natural sodium in Celery and the Potassium in the Orange jack up electrolyte replenishment. AND…the Chlorophyll and Protein in the Kale help oxygenate the blood while repairing muscle tissue.

Next time you decide to workout, chuck the Gatorade and drink some real energy instead. Your body will be happy you did.

1 large Golden Beet
2-3 large Carrots
1 Gala Apple
1 large Mango
2 stalks Celery
1 large Orange
5 large Lacinto (Tuscan, Dino) Kale leaves

Wash and prep the Beetroot, greens, fruits and veggies. Juice all with your Juice Extractor (doesn’t really matter what order). Pour. Enjoy!

Makes about 2, 16oz servings.

5 thoughts on “Pre/Post Workout Juice

  1. How do you like an idea to add spoon of protein in juice ?


    1. You can if you wish. I usually reserve my protein powders for my Smoothies. I try to keep my extracted juices as clean as possible for maximum absorption.


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