10 Tips to a Successful Juice Fast

Juicing holds a special place in my heart; it changed my life 2 years ago when I fasted on it for a total of 45 days (20/10/10/5). I shed 70 pounds, went full on vegan, reversed my high cholesterol and high blood pressure, curbed many bad habits including (food addiction, alcohol and caffeine) and completely overhauled my eating habits from the ground up. This all happened over 6 months. Crazy, right? Nope. Not crazy at all. It’s science really. 

To me, it will always be known as the most powerful weapon in my arsenal; a weapon that fought (and won) against my most destructive habits. It changed both my physical and mental health forever. Some see it as a trendy, hipster fad; conventional doctors don’t recommend it; the mainstream media pokes fun at it any chance they get. But you’ve gotta let all that brain chatter go. It’s the real deal, if you do it right.

That said, I’d like to share with you some tips that were not only vital in making my juice fasts a success; but were the very things that helped keep me on the right path for good!

1) Drink warm Lemon Water when you wake up to jumpstart digestive system; this may even eventually replace your morning coffee habit.

2) Drink 5 or 6 (12-16oz) Juices every day. There is no limit, drink even more if you want.

3) Drink tons of water in between juices; it’s extremely important to stay hydrated throughout your fast.

4) Enjoy detoxifying Herbal Teas throughout the day. Not only does herbal tea continue to nourish and help with digestion; a hot cup of tea in your hands will be a welcome change to all the juice. It is calming and you will begin looking forward to it.

5) Drink 16 oz of Pure Coconut Water each day to replenish lost electrolytes. Very important.

6) Move your body! After the initial days of rest and detox symptoms begin to fade, go for a walk, a light jog or some yoga. This will keep you fit AND keep your mind off hunger as well.

7) TRUST! Stay the course…you will most likely feel crappy for the first 3-5 days; this is normal. It’s called withdrawal 😉 Once you get over that hump, it’s smooth sailing from there. Your body will tell you when it’s time to transition back to eating again.

8) Relax! Try to get into a meditative state throughout your fast. Deeply feel the good it is doing for you. I see people fail all the time because they get inside their head too much. They worry that they aren’t getting enough of “this or that”. Keep in mind that this is only temporary and you will eat again!

9) Make it fun! Mix it up and make different recipes. Use different types of glasses and straws. Chew the juice! Serve it to yourself in a different way each time. This will help avoid the monotony and lighten the mental load

10) KEEP IT UP!!

Real Orange Juice (Extracted)

Golden Beet, Orange, Cranberries, Carrots and Turmeric

Instead of opening up a concentrated, sugary carton of OJ in the morning, why not make this real Orange Juice? The pairing of ingredients makes this a serious antioxidant powerhouse with a laundry list of benefits. Packed with fiber, vitamin a, vitamin c, vitamin e and beta carotene, this juice is Cancer’s worst nightmare; an alkalizer that is great for the eyes, brain, skin and heart. It can help lower blood pressure, cholesterol and relieve inflammation as well. This juice is the swiss army knife of health. You can’t afford to NOT drink this.

1 Golden Beet
1 Orange
1/2 Cup Cranberries
3 Carrots
1 tsp of Turmeric (or 1″ Fresh Turmeric)

Prep and extract all ingredients in your juicer. If using Turmeric Powder, whisk into juice afterward. Enjoy!

The Chioggia Files – Entry 01A


I definitely went off the beaten path on this juice. I had some rather interesting items from my last produce run, so I figured I’d experiment a bit. Based upon “formulaic” juices I’ve made in the past, I predicted what these new flavors might add to the combo and just went for it. So, Chioggia Beet is just another variety of beet, light reddish/brown on the outside and “candy-striped” on the inside. It has a nice, mellow sweet flavor and does not stain/bleed as do the red variety (which always leaves my cutting board looking like I just had an accident). Add to this some tart Pomegranate and 3 types of insanely nutritious greens, I figure we have ourselves an amazing superfood, antioxidant juice on our hands. Interestingly enough, the combined flavors were not as crazy as I had thought. The flavor of the abundance of greens were actually tamed by the sweetness of the beet, carrots, pomegranate and apple…and the sweetness was then offset by the tartness of the lemon and outer shell of the pomegranate (which, yes, I juiced as well!!). I cut off the crown, cut it in half and juiced it whole…some juice only the seeds due to the bitterness of the skin/flesh. But I am a fan of using the whole fruit/vegetable whenever I can (as long as it is edible) since there are tons of nutrients hiding in those parts which we discard everyday. What can I say about Pomegranate’s benefits? Good for the heart, blood vessels, lowers blood pressure, lowers cholesterol…helps prevent strokes and heart attacks. Why wouldn’t you juice it?

Let’s just all make/drink this and put the pharmaceutical scientists out of the job!

1 Chioggia Beet
1 Gala Apple
1 Pomegranate
1 Purple Carrot
1 Carrot
2 stalks Celery
1 small Lemon
1 chunk Ginger
3 large Collard Leaves
5 Kale leaves
1 handful of Dandelion Greens

Wash and prep the Beetroot, greens, fruits and veggies. Juice all with your Juice Extractor (doesn’t really matter what order). Usually I save the greens until last and wrap them around the lemons and ginger. Pour. Enjoy!

Makes about 2, 12oz servings.